Meet Emma the Amish Model

Howard welcomed Emma the Amish model to the studio, telling the crew: "Now she's excommunicated. Kicked out."

Emma said she was 20 years old and had left the Amish community when she was 18--as the Amish community's 'Rumspringa' dictates--to experience the world on its own terms, but never returned.

She's since been shunned: "I can't sit at the same table with [my family] and they can't drive with me." (She explained that the Amish can be passengers in automobiles, they just can't drive them.)

Emma said her family saw it coming: "They knew I was gonna leave because of what I was getting into. I was talking to my 'English' sisters a lot. I've had four sisters who left too."

The second she was off the farm, "I got a cellphone. That was the first thing I got."

When she returns, she must sit at a small side table next to her family diningroom table: "I can't wear shorts or anything short like that. It has to be a dress or long pants...I just wanna show respect."

She Doesn't Understand What Porn Is

Howard asked if she'd go from softcore porn into hardcore, but Emma insisted that her splayed-and-naked photoshoots had just been 'nude modeling.' Howard disagreed: "That's porn."

Emma then reconsidered her career choice: "I don't wanna do it again. Well, I feel like it just went a little too far that time...I'm ok with it for now. Like, I'm ok with it for it to be on the web but that's not what I wanna do for the rest of my life."

The Shoofly Panty Pack

Emma wasn't sure how her Website made money--someone else runs it--so Gary came to tell her that the site sold what's called a 'Shoofly Pie Panty Pack': "It's a shoofly pie, an autographed picture and a pair of her panties."

Howard asked Emma what she thought guys did with her used panties, but she wasn't sure: "I don't wanna know."

Robin asked: "Do you know how to use the Internet?" Emma nodded: "Oh yeah. I have one at home."

Gary told Emma to show Howard the back of her dress, and Howard was duly impressed, asking who made it--Emma claimed it was a 'Sassy Assy' dress.

Emma later hoped her appearance on the show would get her more modeling work: "I got fired because they found out I was on the Website and they found out I was coming on the show...I worked at a crazy place [as a waitress]. They were Mennonites."