Benjy Is Late, Again

Spurred by a report from Lisa G, Howard admonished Benjy for running into the studio late: "Didn't I say I was going to fire you if you did that, Benjy? I mean, why are you pushing me? I like you. Why can't you just do this one thing and be here on time? Hello? Talk to me. I'm serious. Why can't you just walk in on time? I'm asking you. It's a distraction every time you walk in late. C'mon. You're making me look like a shit because I said I'd fire you. Now if I don't fire you, everyone's going to lose respect for me around here."

Benjy had no defense: "What can I say if I do something wrong?"

Howard shrugged: "Now everyone's going to say, 'Whatever Howard says, he doesn't make good on''re going to force me to fire you."

Robin asked if something there was something going on in his life that was making him late, and Benjy ate up even more airtime trying to answer: "I'm thinking...I fell asleep as I was getting ready. I did a stupid thing and laid back down."