More From Jimmy Kimmel's Party

Greg Fitzsimmons Was There Too

Howard started off the show saying he'd forgotten to note Greg Fitzsimmons' presence at Jimmy Kimmel's party on Saturday night--a massive oversight, as Greg has been hosting a show on Howard101 every Monday for over 2 years.

Howard also played a few clips from Greg's show last night in which Greg said he'd been warmly greeted by all the A-listers, but his wife could've cared less: "Jesus! [not even] A handjob on the 405? What does it take to impress this woman?"

Stamos Cops an Attitude

In another clip, Greg said he thought John Stamos had behaved strangely at the party: "I think he was in a bad space Saturday night, if I can say that." As the clip played out, Mark McGrath--Greg's guest via phone--played down an argument he'd had with John that night: "It's nothing but love between me and Stamos...he's a world class musician and absolutely the best musician there that day."

But at Least He Looked Hot

Howard repeated that he'd had a good time jamming at the party: "I didn't know Demi Moore could sing so well." But his shrink helped him realize why it wasn't all fun: "Believe me, it drained me. I won't go to another party for another five years." Later, Ralph called in to ask who the hottest chick at the party was, so Howard cited Stamos: "He's hotter than anyone and he knows it. The way he sashays in with that little ass of his…"