Christa Miller Had a Good Time

'Cougartown' star, Christa Miller called in to admonish Howard for not recognizing her at Jimmy Kimmel's party last weekend: "First of all, it was the best party I've ever been to in my walk into that party--the coolest thing is, all those people at the party are used to people staring at them and making a fuss over them, but all of those guys were so intimidated and nervous about you."

Christa asked why Howard had hugged her and said hello if he hadn't recognized her, so Howard explained that was his new move--he does that with everyone: "I'm a big phony."

The All-Star Jam Session Trap

Christa's husband, 'Cougartown' producer Bill Lawrence, was also on the line--he laughed that the 'jam session' Howard started was kind of a trap, as he always seemed to be sitting next to the A-lister whose spouse was about to play next: "It was like being at a really weird show where you weren't allowed to get up and leave."

Bill said he also made the mistake of trying Johnny Knoxville's moonshine: "It was atrocious. It made my teeth hurt."

Christa said Courteney Cox's sexy performance behind the drums had inspired her: "I have my first piano lesson tomorrow. That's what that party did to me. When Courteney Cox got up and started playing the drums, it was so sexy."

Howard agreed: "It was really hot that she was so good."