Russell Brand Talks Belly Shirts and Katy Perry

May 19, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Brand on Belly Shirts

Russell Brand stopped by to promote his latest film, ‘Get Him to the Greek,’ in which he reprises his popular role from ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall,’ and–as Howard laughed–explained his tendency to wear short-cropped t-shirts: “I guess I dress to accentuate–not without reason–the sex organs.”

Howard noted that Russell was now engaged to pop star Katy Perry and wondered how an infamous cocksman like Russell believed he could be monogamous.

Russell insisted he was ready: “Of course. Or I wouldn’t get married…on previous occasions when I’ve come in here, I’ve always thought there was a distinct possibility that I could burst through that glass or at least decorate it in some sort of effluvia into Robin’s arena, as it were. Now, due to marital pleasures, there’s no chance of me having sex with Robin.”

How to Nail Katy Perry

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Russell described, in detail, how he’d come to date Katy: “I’ll describe it like a road accident, ’cause that’s what you’re making it sound like.”

Russell said they first kissed a year ago on the set of ‘Get Him to the Greek,’ but didn’t start dating till much later: “At that point in time, I was not ready to embark on the mission that is monogamy.” Howard asked about the groupie-wranglers

Russell used keep on his personal staff, so Russell laughed that their roles had been exaggerated: “They did have other jobs as well, like security and driving. They weren’t solely womanizing consultants.”

Russell said his sexual history was so sordid, he has yet to share the full details with Katy–or ask about hers: “Mine’s a bloody warzone.”