Jeff the Drunk Writes Letters

Jeff the Drunk called in to explain why he no longer wanted to share his late mother's trailer with his brother--and his brother's 'f'ing bitch' girlfriend.

Jeff claimed he asked his brother to move in after his mother's death under the assumption it was going to be a bachelor pad: "I coulda asked anybody I wanted."

Jeff's brother later broke the bachelor pad pact by moving in his girlfriends: "6 months into it, she moves in with her three kids."

Jeff then read a letter he'd written his brother: "Your days of bullying and intimidating me are over with starting today. You take advantage of me way too much and just because I don't say anything to you doesn't mean it doesn't affect me. It makes me feel uncomfortable in my own house. I have to walk on eggshells whenever you are here. I eat every meal in my room."

The letter continued for a few minutes--Howard eventually had to cut him off: "It's lengthy. It's well-written, though."