John Stamos Calls in to Defend Himself

May 20, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Stamos Broke His Heart

Vinnie said he’d tried to get John Stamos to sing one of the demos for him, but John turned him down: “John broke my heart.”

John called in to defend himself: “I’m never doing this play as long as I live.”

Howard wondered what the singers who recorded Vinnie tunes had told each other about the gig, and Robin was ready: “There’s some asshole over in Jersey who thinks he’s written a musical.”

Stamos Was the Party, Shithead

After Vinnie hung up, John stayed on the line to talk about his upcoming role in ‘Entourage’ and about his behavior at Jimmy Kimmel’s party last weekend: “I’ve been so infuriated by your shows this week. I was upset…I don’t know how I was the shithead at the party.”

John said he regretted being short with the other musicians at the jam session: “[Mark] McGrath has been emailing me like crazy.”

Howard said he spent 99% of his time at the party with John, and John agreed: “I couldn’t get rid of you. You felt nervous around everyone else.”

Howard claimed it was the other way around–he couldn’t get rid of John–and asked why John had committed to Nikki, the beautiful girl he brought to the party. John shrugged: “She’s a great girl, but she’s not here.”

John later revealed that someone else was with him: Leah, the girl he’d brought to Howard’s wedding.

Don Rickles Is Pissed

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard was amazed at John’s bravado: “This f’ing guy f’s more than anyone on the planet…this girl chases him around, man. It must be great to be you.”

John tried to change the subject, saying he wished Jimmy had invited Don Rickles to the party: “Oh man. Rickles is really upset. Rickles is pissed…he was upset that he wasn’t invited because he’s close to Jimmy.”

Howard was confused–so was Robin: “Is this the only thing that Rickles hasn’t attended at Jimmy’s house?”

Jerry O’Connell Is Not Invited

While they were talking about people who weren’t invited, Howard noted that he’d purposefully not invited a pair of close friends, Jerry O’Connell and his wife, Rebecca Romijn–John’s ex-wife: “I know it would be awkward for you.”

John thanked Howard for the gesture: “I appreciate that. It meant a lot to me.”

Howard laughed that he might’ve made the wrong choice: “I tell ya, if Jerry O’Connell was there, there wouldn’t have been this much aggravation.”

The Truth About the McGrath/Stamos Feud

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard tried to get to the bottom of John’s behavior at the party’s jam session: “Did you tell [Mark] McGrath to learn some songs?”

John tried to avoid the question but Howard kept at it. Irritated, John snapped: “Yeah. He should.”

Howard said Jimmy had overheard the short exchange, but John doubted whether Jimmy was a great source: “Jimmy was out of his brain. He didn’t know what party he was at.”

John’s Commitment Issues

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The crew continued to beat up on John’s recent issues with commitment, so John explained that they stemmed from his failed marriage: “I wanted to be married forever and it didn’t happen.”

Fred told John he wouldn’t be pretty forever: “Laugh away, John. You’ll be Michael Douglas in 10 years.”

John admitted he had a problem, so Robin laughed: “Fred says it’s your looks.”

Fred went on: “I’ll give you Robert Redford’s phone number. He’ll tell you how it is.”

Ralph later called in to offer his evaluation: “He likes playing the field and he can’t–he can’t resolve that fact because he also wants to be married.”

Jimmy Kimmel Is a Howard Hog

Howard said he’d heard that John was bitter about Jimmy Kimmel booking up nearly every hour of Howard’s trip to LA.

John has allegedly been telling people that Jimmy’s a ‘Howard hog.’

Ralph said he was one of those people John confided in: “Maybe not those exact words but maybe those exact words.”

John bristled: “You be friends with Jimmy. I’ll be friends with other people.”