Checking in With High Pitch Mike

Howard asked Howard100 News editor High Pitch Mike to come in and discuss his new life as an openly gay man--a trend Howard's noticed on Mike's Facebook profile: "It's become incredibly gay, your Facebook." Mike laughed: "Thank you very much."

Mike then told the crew about recently banging an 18-year-old kid he met at a nightclub: "What is age? It's just a number."

Howard wondered if Mike checked the kid's ID, but Mike shrugged: "If he's in a club, he's old enough to..."

After Mike said they'd done it all, Howard asked if Mike let the kid toss his salad. Mike nodded: "Yes he did...if somebody hasn't eaten your ass, I don't know what your life's about."

But Mike denied getting any mud on his helmet: "I didn't smell the condom. I don't know."

Asked if the kid's ass was tight, Mike laughed: "I guess so. He was moaning."

Mike's Dashboard Mess

Richard came in to ask Mike to tell his dashboard story, so Mike said he was once being given a handjob in some guy's brand new car:

"I didn't plan to get it on his dashboard. I said I was about to cum. We're in his car, and he pulls my underwear down more than it already was--like I was about cum in my shorts or something. Instead he pulled my underwear and it went all over [the dashboard]...I kept apologizing. I felt so stupid."