Jim Breuer on Working With Tracy Morgan and Will Ferrell

Don't Take Farley's Calls

Jim Breuer said he used to share an office with Tracy Morgan when they were on 'Saturday Night Live,' and all the guest hosts knew to stop by for a good time: "I was a weed guy. So I was like, weed, and Tracy was a drinker."

When Chris Farley--a notorious partier--was scheduled to host, "SNL" producer Marci Klein warned them not to take his calls and lined up Chris Rock as back-up host. Jim said Chris had barged in anyway--with two broads--"and throws down a pile [of cocaine] on my desk."

Jim bolted: "I was so freaked out. I left immediately." Howard asked where Tracy was, so Jim laughed: "Tracy stayed there a little bit."

Jim said Chris gave him a call later that really freaked him out: "He goes, 'Jimmy, am I funny? Or am I just a fat stupid guy?' For 45 minutes to an hour, I had to tell him what a great guy he was."

Will Ferrell Doesn't Break Character

Jim told the crew that Will Farrell was the oddest cast member: "I would go into the writer's room and he's--and he's underneath the writer's table. I would go, 'What are you--what are you doing?' And then he won't answer you. He's just laying there. And I go, 'What is he doing?' They're like, 'He's Jerry.' I'm like, 'Alriiight.' You know? You know--we were on Melrose? On the Improv? Groundlings week? Get over it, Will. But it was--it was like this bizarre genius thing."

Jim said Will's steadfast refusal to break from his 'Ron Burgundy' backstage Colin Quinn--so much so, Colin and Jim attempted to 'rape Ron' in attempt to break him. As crazy as things got, Will never broke. Tracy kept watch "in the doorway with a cigarette like, 'Save some of that for me!'"