Shuli Comes Under Fire for Using The Boss's Name at Animal Shelter

Howard busts the Howard staffer for allegedly dropping his name

Howard said he'd finally soured on Shuli after just 11 days ago he announced that Shuli was his top 'Artie Chair' candidate: "Over vacation I got annoyed with him."

Shuli called North Shore Animal League last week and used Howard's name before dropping off a kitten at their shelter. Howard was unsure of the details but warned Shuli to be careful: "That would be nice. Yeah. He needs to check in with me before he uses my name."

Shuli later explained that he had rescued a mother cat and kittens but because he already had a dog and two cats, could not keep the strays, so he took them to North Shore because he knew it was a no kill shelter. Shuli added that it was someone at North Shore that had connected him with Howard, he did not use Howard's name up front.