JD Picks His Date

Asked to evaluate his dates, JD said Polina was too shy.

Carmella was "Better. Still seemed shy. I wasn't attracted to her."

Elle also held his interest: "Cute. Very, uh, busty."

But it was Anne who won his heart: "You don't play Guitar Hero on expert as a goof."

The Girls Evaluate JD

Polina said she'd "maybe" go out with JD: "I think he's funny. Funny and charming."

Carmella was also on the fence: "He's not typically my type but he's cool. Definitely friends material."

Elle said she'd absolutely go out with JD: "Yes. But there needs to be drinks involved. He seemed nervous."

Ann--JD's pick--also agreed to dinner: "I feel like we didn't really get a chance to talk...just to actually get to know him."