An Update on JD's Speed Date

JD said he wouldn't be going out with the girl he'd selected during last week's round of speed-dating: "No. I don't think there will be a date. She never called me."

JD's trademark move--he gave her his number--backfired. She never called. He eventually went the direct route and texted her: "She said she wasn't really interested in doing anything in the spotlight or whatever."

JD then revealed that he wasn't too broken up about it: "I saw another girl this weekend."

JD said he even got laid--he bagged a stripper: "She used to work at Rick's but she doesn't work there anymore." Howard pressed him for details, but JD was unable to deliver: "Actually, neither of us finished. I didn't cum!" JD explained that his anti-depressant medication limits his ability to orgasm: "Sometimes it takes a while."