Jon Favreau Recaps Comic-Con

Jon Favreau called in to recap Comic Con, saying he was there to promote his current project, 'Cowboys & Aliens.' Jon said he'd managed to get Harrison Ford--one of the film's stars--to make an appearance at the 'Cowboys & Aliens' panel but never could've guessed the fervor his presence would spark.

Before the panel, some guy stabbed another over a seat, causing a panic backstage: "At Comic Con, people are walking around with broadswords. You don't know what it was."

Jon said Harrison's role in 'Star Wars' made him something of a God at Comic-Con--when Harrison walked onto the panel's stage, the crowd exploded: "For 5 minutes, there was a standing ovation for the guy."

Howard asked after the plot of 'Cowboys & Aliens,' speculating that it might involve anal probes: "They're obsessed with our asses."

Jon shrugged that asses might be more important than we know: "Maybe they unlock the secrets of the human race."

Favreau Rejects 3D

Howard commended Jon for refusing to film 'Cowboys & Aliens' in 3D, so Jon said the film would be something of a 2D oasis in 2011: "We're the only big movie next summer [not filmed in 3D]...I don't think it needed to be 3D after some tests."

Jon added that Steven Spielberg was one of the film's producers, and he also recommended that Jon turn down the studio's 3D money.