Let the Betting Begin!

Howard started off the show with a final round of bets on the Stern Show IQ Test results:

Howard bet Robin $100 that Jeff the Drunk would beat High Pitch Erik. Sal, Gary and Scott jumped in on the action--Robin accepted all their bets, each for $100.

Benjy bet JD $50 that Jeff the Drunk would score higher than at least one staff member--any staff member. Howard made the same bet with Robin.

Howard bet Gary $500--the biggest bet of the day--that Sal would beat Richard.

Benjy bet Howard $50 that Richard's score would place him in the top 4.

Richard took the same action (as in, he against himself) for $25.

Mike Gange bet Sal $100 that Jeff the Drunk would beat him. He also bet both Howard and Robin $50 that Scott DePace's score would come in at #1.

Bets Both Small and Exotic

Howard then made a series of smaller bets--he bet Fred $100 that Ralph would beat JD, $100 with Robin that Scott DePace would beat Gary--and $50 with both JD and Benjy that Wendy the Retard's score--plus 35--would top Sal's score.

Benjy then made some exotic bets with Howard--$50 that Sal's score--plus 5--would top Ralph's (Ralph also took the same action), $50 that Sal would score 99 or higher, and $50 on Jeff the Drunk's score coming in above 93.

The Last Minute Bets

Howard allowed one more round of betting--Scott DePace used the opportunity to bet Howard $50 that his own score--plus 5--would best Jason's.

Howard bet Robin $100 that Sal's score--plus 10--would beat Richard's. Tim bet both Howard and Fred $100 that Gary would come in at #1. Ralph bet Howard $100 that anyone other than High Pitch would be 'dull'--a score in the 80s. For the final bet, Ralph bet Howard $50 that he'd be in the top 3.