An Update on JD's Stripper Friend

Early in the show, Howard pointed out that JD had a new haircut and asked for an update on the stripper he'd been banging before the break: "You should keep your stripper and break up with your hairstylist."

JD came in laughing: "They're one and the same."

Asked if the stripper's attempt at a haircut was an erotic act of grooming--like John Travolta and Kyra Sedgwick's scene in 'Phenomenon'--JD shook his head, only giving up flat one-word answers: "I just don't wanna talk about it."

Undaunted, Howard repeated that JD should keep his girlfriend out of his hair: "She did a horrible job...this is absurd. There's no style."

JD rushed to clarify: "She's not my girlfriend...I haven't seen her in a week."

Howard didn't understand--all reports indicate that she's superhot: "You must really hate her personality."

JD said he didn't hate her at all, he doesn't contact her more often because he's "not social."