Eric the Midget on the Red Carpet?

Eric the Midget called in to say he wanted to represent the show as its red carpet reporter/interviewer. Howard thought there was no way Eric would work out: "First of all, he won't ask the questions we give to him to ask."

Gary thought the drama of Eric's failure--either as an interviewer or even just showing up--would be great fodder for the show: "Give him what he wants and let him mess it up." Howard agreed: "It'll prove to us once and for all that Eric's a screw-up...I can't wait for the demands to start."

Eric Passes the Stern Show Carpet Test

Howard said it was foolproof--no one in Hollywood could pass a wheelchair-bound midget without talking to him--not even Oprah: "They don't know he's a miserable wretch." Robin wanted Eric to prove himself: "Is there any way to test this out?"

Howard decided to test Eric on-air: "You're going to read what we put on the piece of paper for you? ...we're doing a comedy show. We can't have you there sucking up to everybody." Following Howard's lead, Eric echoed a question for J.Lo: "Hey Miss Lopez, I wanted to ask you--do you look at the toilet paper after you wipe?"