K.C. Armstrong Might Be Retarded

K.C. Armstrong called in to explain why he'd only scored a few points above Wendy's IQ of 66: "The clock was down to one minute so I just guessed on the rest of them and I think that's what hurt me." Howard had a better explanation ("Maybe you're just dumb.") but promised to put the theory to test in the next round of IQ match-ups. K.C. claimed he'd score higher than Sal: "I swear to God, I'll score above-average."

K.C. also bet $1,000 that he'd beat former Stern show intern Steve Grillo. Gary said it was a good bet, as the pair seemed to be evenly matched.

Before Howard hung up, K.C. reported that he was currently in Alaska because he'd met his soulmate: "I found the one." Robin laughed: "What's his name?"