Meet Ronnie Dangerfield

Howard played some clips of Ronnie the Limo Driver presenting at the Exotic Dancer Awards recently and complained that Ronnie was a poor representative of the show: "Ronnie's really not from The Howard Stern Show." Ronnie came in to defend the attacks on the comedically bad 'jokes' he'd made before presenting an award: "I was wasted [but] I wasn't wasted-wasted." Howard thought Ronnie had found yet another persona: "This is stand-up comedy Ronnie...Ronnie Dangerfield."

Mike Gange & Ronnie Are Creepy

Howard said he'd seen some of the other footage that HowardTV's Mike Gange shot of Ronnie's weekend in Vegas--and was repulsed, calling it "the creepiest thing ever." In one of the clips, Ronnie was evaluating exotic dancers: "That smile? It makes you wanna f' the shit outta her." Howard promised that we hadn't heard anything yet: "This is going to be the creepiest special in the history of HowardTV." In the next few clips, Ronnie began evaluating dancers by telling each how they exemplified the "definition" of different words and phrases, including "adorable," "smokin' hot," "super sexy," "one of a kind that you can bring home to your momma" and "a league of her own." HowardTV played some footage in which a stripper confessed to a nipple fetish and began rubbing Ronnie's chest. Howard was repulsed: "I have a nipple fetish? You have a liver spot fetish."

Hacking and Coughing

Ronnie said Gange had been hacking and coughing the entire trip--when he wasn't eating--HowardTV's Doug Goodstein echoed the complaint: "My office is right next to him and the walls shake when he has his cough thing. I don't know. I think he's just prone to upper-respiratory problems." Gange called in to confirm the respiratory issues and to deny poor eating habits: "I eat relatively's not like I'm eating crazy stuff all the time."

Joe Cool Ronnie

Howard noted that Ronnie was wearing some uncharacteristically dark sunglasses on yesterday's Wrap-Up Show, so Ronnie explained that he'd gone outside and had to run back in: "They bothered everyone for some reason." Howard laughed at Ronnie for having separate indoor and outdoor sunglasses: "Ronnie was outside looking at the eclipse?"