Baba Booey to Do Letterman

Lisa G reported that Gary had been booked to appear on Letterman to promote 'They Call Me Baba Booey.'

Gary was very excited about the news: "It's a big booking, man. It's huge."

Howard wondered how Letterman would introduce Gary: "Ladies and gentleman, here's a guy nobody cares about. He's written a book about himself."

Gary laughed: "I spent the whole weekend thinking about what he's going to talk to me about, and I couldn't come up with anything."

After riffing on the bomb-potential of the segment for a while, Howard changed his mind, saying he thought Gary's segment might go well: "One thing Gary's not short on is words."

But Howard and Fred still doubted whether Gary's book was any good.

Gary bristled: "Was every single page in your book gold, Howard?"

Howard admitted Gary had a point--an irrelevant one: "But I'm Howard."