Adam Levine and Maroon 5 Get Real on the Stern Show

Howard welcomed Adam, James and PJ from Maroon 5 to the studio and commended them for not falling apart, as so many bands do, when the singer (Adam) became the breakout star. Adam said he and the band had grown up together, so they've long known how to keep him grounded: "Being with [my] bros kind of saved me."

Howard noted that James had recently given an interview about Adam's "sex symbol" status, telling a reporter: "[Adam's] sex symbol thing? That's gone from hilarious to kind of annoying. There's a weird concern where I think, what do our contributions matter if it's about that other thing?" Adam agreed with James's argument but had obviously never heard the quote: "I understand where [he's] coming from…but wow, that was real."

An Update to Adam Levine's Sex Resume

Howard asked what happened to the girl Adam brought to the show two years ago, so Adam said he'd ended it: "There were shortcomings all around. It wasn't a good relationship." Adam said he was now dating Anne Vyalitsyna, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, for "almost eight months of a really amazing time ... she's so intelligent and so sweet, it doesn't matter that she's beautiful." PJ laughed that Adam met Anne when the band played at the release party for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in Las Vegas: "He was like, 'I'm going to go in there and find my wife.' And he did." Adam said he'd been joking but ended up making a genuine connection: "We left Vegas happened instantly."

The Band That Stretches Together

Howard asked if the crew liked to party backstage, but Adam shook his head, saying they actually did yoga before each performance: "I drink and smoke and all that shit when I'm not working...[yoga] just puts your head in the right space." Adam also said public reports about his plan to retire from rock before middle age were premature: "I say that but to make a plan is stupid."

The band then played an acoustic cover of Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together' and left shortly after, to the tune of their latest single, "Out of Goodbyes." On their way out, Howard caught Robin exchanging information with James, the guitarist. Robin said James was cute but the conversation was innocent: "He gave me his email. We were just talking tennis." Howard encouraged her to pursue him: "That's a start."