Yucko Is a Bitter Clown

Yucko the Clown called in to say he still held a grudge against Craig: "You should've sprayed for leeches instead of bedbugs...you're just a cocky piece of shit and everybody f'ing hates you and your f'ing two-faced bullshit."

Craig explained that he often told a story about hooking up with Yucko's ex-wife in his stand-up act, but "as a racist f'ing clown, how can you be sensitive about that story?"

Yucko screamed that it wasn't the story that angered him ("I'm not sensitive about that story!"), it was that Craig told it after he'd promised not to.

Howard dismissed Yucko's argument altogether--cutting straight to its foundation: "If we're not going to have shitheads in here, who are we going to have in?"

The Ups and Downs of Being Craig

Craig said he was seeing fallout from the time he banged three chicks in some guy's car: "I just thought it was the greatest day of my life but they were stealing shit as they were f'ing me."

Craig laughed that he'd also recently bombed at the Playboy Mansion, citing his introduction one factor: "I don't know if you heard, but Don Rickles couldn't make it tonight. But, uh, you're really going to love this other guy! Please welcome Craig Gass!"

To make things worse, Craig added that the party he was playing also featured about 500 female "entertainers" who were already "bought and paid for" but would not be made available until after Craig finished his act.