Eric the Midget Is Angry...Again

Howard played some voicemails Eric the Midget left on the show's answering machine--in one, Eric demanded that he be allowed to promote his upcoming appearance on 'Fringe', something he can't do when Howard won't take his calls: "That's not cool. It's pissing me off."

Robin thought Eric was starting to act entitled: "You get more appearances on this show than many famous people." After listening to audio of Eric's 'Fringe' cameo, Howard joked: "You're like mini-Brando in that scene. Very impressive." Eric missed the sarcasm: "Thank you." Eric later hoped to parlay the cameo into his own show: "What I really would like to do is get a reality show on TLC, with all the other little people shows they have, called 'Little Actor, Big Roles.'"

Robin laughed: "But you're not an actor."

What's Taller Than Eric the Midget?

Gary presented Howard with a new game: "What's Taller than Eric the Midget?" Howard first asked after Eric's height, so the little guy reported that he'd shrunk a little since Howard last checked (he had once told Howard he was 3'6"): "Last time I was measured 3 feet exactly." Gary then ran Howard and Robin through a list of similarly-sized objects. Both knew R2-D2 from 'Star Wars', a standard toilet, and Michael Jackson's chimp 'Bubbles' were taller. The stand-off continued when both correctly guessed that Verne Troyer and a New York City fire hydrant were shorter. The tie-breaker went to Robin after she guessed an average 5-year-old was taller than Eric.