Jenny McCarthy Channels Her Ex

Howard said he watched Jenny McCarthy discuss the lessons she learned from her relationship with Jim Carrey on yesterday's 'Oprah':

"What she really learned is those funny voices, but it's [only] funny when Jim Carrey does it because he's Jim Carrey."

Howard couldn't understand why Jenny thought the odd voices were acceptable: "I guess when they hung out at home, [Jim] did that a lot."

Howard thought Jenny's new conservative image (and attire) was a joke: "Oprah buys into the whole thing. I don't know. I think Jenny's become Robo-Jenny...she's going to run for vice-president soon."

Howard promised he could reverse the robo-process and resurrect Jenny's sexy persona: "We've got to get her in here. We've got to deprogram her! She thinks she's Jim Carrey."