A Party at Bon Jovi's Place

Howard describes the swanky Hamptons shindig

Photo: PRPhotos

Howard said he'd attended a party at Jon Bon Jovi's Hamptons home over the weekend (sans-Beth for the first part of the party) and met a beautiful woman:

"She runs Jimmy Choo shoes. Tamara Mellon. I think she dated Christian Slater for a while...there's a catch ... She's a big earner." Howard also talked with Ann Dexter-Jones ("Her daughter's the one who dated Lindsay Lohan."), Patti Smith and John McEnroe.

Richard Gere and Jack Nicholson Aren't Stern Fans?

Beth still hadn't shown up when it came time to eat, so Howard wandered around with his plate, looking for a place to sit and eat. Howard saw Matt Lauer and Katie Couric sitting with Richard Gere but didn't feel comfortable sitting with them: "I don't know if Richard Gere likes me."

Beth showed up shortly after and convinced Howard to introduce himself to Richard: "And this is what I hate doing but I'm doing it because I feel like I have no choice."

Howard said his big mistake was introducing Beth as well: "Next thing I know the two of them are deep in conversation about animals and animal rescue."

Howard joked that he felt like a male lead in Sal's fetish films: "I definitely felt like [I was in] one of those cuckold videos."

An introduction to Jack Nicholson went even worse: "He didn't seem to be impressed with me or want to talk to me. It was horrible."