Howard Evaluates the Staff's Russian Speed Dating Game Looks

King of All Media analyzes their wardrobe selections, from Scott's dark suit and sunglasses to Ronnie's everyday attire

Howard evaluated the outfits worn by today's Russian Speed-Dating Game contestants, starting with Scott 'The Engineer' Salem's dark suit-and-sunglasses: "He looks like Uncle Fester but he's missing the personality."

Fred laughed: "He looks like a Don Buchwald impersonator."

Howard thought Ronnie might do well in his standard attire: "His girlfriend is 28! I mean, he's got young women in the palm of his hand!"

Gary said he was glad he wasn't participating--he rarely got laid before he started working on the show: "I was like the Mets during a bad season."

Howard commended JD for cleaning up this morning but thought the job was incomplete: "You should have shaved underneath your chin. You look like an Al Qaeda terrorist." Lisa G thought JD should have gotten a real haircut: "Don't let that stripper cut your hair!" Howard agreed: "Would you go to your barber for a lapdance?" Fred laughed that Will appeared to be Amish in his tucked-in button-up: "It looks like he's about to build a barn." Howard thought Will--even Amish Will--stood a good chance. Accordingly, Howard planned to win by hinting at his success ("Ever hear of a group called Pearl Jam? I'm not in it.") or outright lying: "I need to tell the girls I'm wearing a mask and I'm really a hot guy."

Terrorist JD, Meet Amish Will

Photo: The Howard Stern Show