Ron Howard Answers the Hard Questions About Hollywood's Leading Men

Before he left, Howard asked Ron about his relationships with some of Hollywood's greatest leading men:

On Bill Murray, who's still bitter about Ron refusing to direct 'Quick Change': "He didn't like the way I told him."

On Don Knotts' ladies-man reputation: "He gained all this fame and the ladies discovered that he had something to offer and he reveled in that."

On Mel Gibson: "I had a great experience working with Mel. He's a terrific guy."

On being forced to cast either Steve Martin or Jim Carrey: "[Steve] is a genius...Jim is like this explosive talent. Great physical talent. But I don't see them as ever [both] being right for the same thing."

On whatever happened to Michael Keaton: "He reached a point financially where he didn't have to do roles he didn't want to do."