Steven Tyler Won't Let Girlfriend Talk About His Threesome

A lot was said on the Howard Stern Show when the Aerosmith frontman brought in his current lady

Howard turned to Steven Tyler's girlfriend, Erin, for serious detail, and she obliged: "He does anal. He likes it. I love it."

Howard told Steven he had to marry such a giving woman, and Steven shuddered: "Keep pushing this. I will find you where you live."

Erin laughed: "He's not used to marrying someone who doesn't get pregnant first."

Steven cursed Howard's choice of topic: "May the fleas of a thousand cattle infest your very short hairs."

Erin said she'd force Steven's hand eventually: "I have some stuff on tape, so I think I'm OK."

Erin also said she'd even once arranged a threesome for Steven--in the middle of an Aerosmith show: "It was on the floor backstage during a quickchange...I called the promoter and said, 'Hey, I need a girl backstage. Make sure she takes a shower and meets me there at 9:15."

Steven put a stop to any more detail: "We've gone too far with it."

Howard later complained: "I was shocked how timid he was about this threesome action."