The Psych Test Speculation Begins

Gary anticipated today's big segment--the psych test results--by revealing that one person was "off the charts" crazy.

Benjy was the first to point fingers: "I think it's Steve Langford."

Ronnie agreed: "Have you ever really looked in his eyes and talked to this man?"

Howard thought it would be Ronnie...or Robin...or Fred--Fred said he'd welcome the news: "At least it would actually vindicate me somewhat for taking all this abuse for years."

Howard later decided it had to be Ronnie: "I believe that you have serious mental disorders--by the way, I just told [Robin] the same thing."

Just yesterday, Ronnie nearly drove into an accident because he refused to cede ground to another vehicle: "What part of you believes that you can--that this guy is not going to crash into you? I'm not criticizing. I admire your driving. But your whole psyche is--that's madness!"