Robin Is a Sore Loser

Early in the show, Howard noted that Robin had been caught complaining about yesterday's psych test results to anyone who would listen: "You're such a sore loser."

Robin insisted she'd found nothing but support: "Everybody I talked to yesterday agreed with me."

Howard said his 'everybody' had told him the same thing: "Why don't we have our armies go up against each other?"

Howard said he'd put in more than enough time to achieve his current level of health: "I have! I have worked hard." Robin thought Howard was more sheltered than healthy, noting that he didn't even have a debit card: "You're like the king. You don't even carry money. You can't find your way home from here."

Howard conceded and went back on the attack: "That's true...[but] I've had the same assistant for 25 years. How many have you had?"

Robin dodged the question: "How many battle-scars does she have?"