Jay Thomas Hangers-On Crashed the Party Again

Comedian brings his supposed niece to this year's holiday shindig

Steve Langford reported that, like last year, Jay Thomas had brought an un-invited guest to this year's holiday party, his show's call-screener--who he'd claimed she was his niece.

Howard said Jay seemed to have mounted a campaign to embarrass him: "I personally feel like Jay is angry with me because I'm successful and he's not...I think just to spite me he brought this intern."

Howard asked Jon Hein what he'd seen, but Jon was unsure who was invited and who wasn't: "I think he was with three people, but I don't know who they were."

Howard fumed: "It just irritates the hell out of me...he's doing his best to piss me off...Jay wants to prove I'm a douchebag and he's got the last laugh because he snuck his intern in there."