Everything Was Fine...And Then Rickyman Grabbed the Mic

After Howard made his annual speech, he turned the mic over to Ronnie the Limo Driver, but Ronnie was more Rickyman than Ronald: "It was a weird angry speech about what he has to put up with [when] driving me...it was just horrible. I was just like, 'You know, it's a good thing I have a sense of humor.'"

Robin said Ronnie's Rickyman shtick was always too obnoxious: "How many times have we pointed out to him that it's awful?"

Howard thought Ronnie must listen to dancers more than anyone on the show: "He goes to these strip clubs and all of the strippers tell him that he's funny."

Ronnie came in to argue that Howard had asked him to take the mic: "What is wrong with you?"

Howard didn't remember making the invitation, but thought Ronnie bombed anyway: "It's not a roast, Ronnie!" Howard then played a clip of Ronnie's bizarre speech-ending moose-cry: "That's you and Brian [Phelan] going at each other like caribou."