Marilu Henner Has Super Powers, Has Autobiographical Memory

Marilu Henner called in to promote her Hallmark channel movie, 'Mulligan,' and discuss the '60 Minutes' report on her extremely rare talent: an autobiographical memory.

Marilu said she always thought it was normal: "I never knew it was that unique."

She wasn't able to accurately explain her talent until recently: "I would [just] say it's like going through a card catalog...[but] once I saw a Selected Scenes [menu] on DVD for the first time, I went, 'Oh my God. This is what it's like.'"

Howard said Marilu was one of just six people in the world with the 'superpower,' a power reflected in the size of her brain: "It's actually larger than most people's."

Marilu said she'd always been a good student--she went to the University of Chicago on scholarship--but the others like her can't all say the same: "Some of the other people in the group felt like they weren't good students at all."