Marilu Remembers Everything: From the Men She's Dated to the Floaters She's Pooped

Howard wondered what Marilu's autobiographical memory meant for the men she'd dated--and banged--like John Travolta and Tony Danza: "What was the weather like under Judd Hirsch's balls on January 12, 1984?"

Marilu laughed: "I wasn't with him then."

Marilu said she could remember most every detail when she revisits her sex life: "It's very experiential. I'm in my body when I go back to it."

Howard asked her to compare Judd, Tony and John, but Marilu balked: "I had different relationships with those guys, of course. Johnny and I practically grew up together."

Howard wondered what the weather was like the first time she and John made love, but Marilu confessed that she was unsure--because it was dark out: "It was in San was evening."

Howard couldn't believe her accuracy: "Do you remember the day you had your biggest doody?" Marilu laughed: "As a healthy person? Every day. Floaters not sinkers."