Howard Puts Marilu's Super Memory to the Test

Howard picked a random date--November 4th, 1972--and asked Marilu to remember what she did that day.

Marilu thought back: "Saturday...I went to a restaurant called [ed: sounded like 'Days'] in Chicago. I was at the University of Chicago and I was also in the show 'Good Woman of Setzuan.'

It was cold--well, it's always cold in Chicago, but it was particularly cold. And I remember the dress I had on."

Howard asked Marilu if she remembered when they ran into each other in July of 1998, and Marilu confirmed: "You mean at the Four Seasons? It was during the middle of the week--the date was July 16th...Thursday. In the afternoon, I had a big brunch at my house and I had--I was working on one of my books. I had a big salad. Cold noodles with sesame sauce."