Seth Rogen Achieved His 'Green Hornet' Body by Working out While High

Photo: Columbia Pictures

Seth Rogen stopped by to promote '"The Green Hornet" and told the crew he'd wanted Van Williams, the star of the original "Green Hornet" TV series, to do a cameo in the film until he heard that he's (allegedly) currently a Mormon sheriff with five wives.

"We kept hearing the weirdest shit about what he'd been up to," Seth told Howard.

Robin asked if he'd managed to maintain his slimmed-down "Green Hornet" body, so Seth confessed that he's slipped a bit. "I'm getting a little bigger, I'll be honest," he admitted. Seth said he got fit for "Green Hornet" by getting stoned before going to the gym.

"I had a spotter at all times," Seth said.

The pot-induced haze kept him from realizing that he was actually working out. "I realized that ... I hated working out so much ... that I could do it, like, really early in the morning if I smoked weed and then did it and then came home and went back to sleep. It would [just] be like a bad dream," Seth told Howard.

Part of Rogen's workout motivation was to make sure his film was free from the burden of fat jokes. "You can have a goofy Green Hornet and a somewhat stupid Green Hornet but you can't have a fat Green Hornet," he explained with a laugh.