Seth Rogen Is Gaining All the Weight Back

Seth Rogen stopped by to promote 'The Green Hornet' and told the crew he'd wanted Van Williams, the star of the original 'Green Hornet' TV series, to do a cameo in the film--until he heard that he's (allegedly) currently a Mormon sheriff with five wives: "We kept hearing the weirdest shit about what he'd been up to."

Robin asked if he'd managed to maintain his slimmed-down 'Green Hornet' body, so Seth confessed that he's slipped: "I'm getting a little bigger, I'll be honest."

Seth said he got fit for 'The Green Hornet' by getting stoned before going to the gym: "I had a spotter at all times."

The pot-induced haze kept him from realizing that he was actually working out: "I realized that--I hated working out so much--that I could do it, like, really early in the morning if I smoked weed and then did it and then came home and went back to sleep. It would [just] be like a bad dream."

Seth said he was motivated to free the film from the burden of fat jokes: "You can have a goofy Green Hornet and a somewhat stupid Green Hornet but you can't have a fat Green Hornet."