Scott Salem Just Wants An Answer

Howard said Scott Salem had emailed him to ask for time off to attend the Pro Bowling Championships, but, "I never responded and I never will."

Scott came in fuming: "That's rude! That's rude, ok? I can't ask you a question?"

Howard said he'd already rejected the idea through various channels, but Scott demanded a more direct approach: "Tim came to me and said, 'As a friend'--and first of all, he's not my friend--'I'd like to give you some advice...drop the bowling issue.' Officially, that's not an answer."

After hearing that Gary and Doug Goodstein had also rejected the idea some 3 weeks before Tim, Howard gave Scott the clarity he desired: "You got an answer! Three guys told you: drop the issue."

Scott shrugged ("All I was trying to do was ask a question.") that he'd caught hell after his wife's call yesterday: "I got to go to Vegas and bowl. Please...please let me go bowling. Send me away for a week."