Mike Judge's New Deal(s)

Mike Judge stopped by to promote the "Beavis & Butt-Head" relaunch, telling Howard he'd managed to regain control of the rights he'd originally signed away at the beginning of his career: "I was able to negotiate most of that back. Or not most of it. Half of it. I'm like 50/50 now, actually."

He's also turned over a lot of the work to animators in Korea, where schoolchildren are prepared for the work starting at a young age: "There they teach them practical drawing techniques. Point perspective and that stuff."

Mike knew he didn't draw very well from the beginning--he only drew Beavis in profile until well into the 3rd season. He couldn't get Beavis to look right from straight-on: "It's true of Bart Simpson, too, I think...I'll use it occasionally. When I need him to look freaky."

That freaky look was actually inspired by the Peanuts, Pigpen in particular: "I loved that there was just this--his--just this filth. Animated. And I tried to do that with Butt-Head's hair."