Perez Hilton Is Tolerated

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Perez Hilton stopped by to promote his new children's book, 'The Boy with Pink Hair,' and denied that he was now a Hollywood insider: "I wouldn't say I'm accepted by Hollywood. I'm tolerated."

But Perez admitted he'd started pulling punches: "I think it's important for me to have an opinion and do my job but not do it in any way that's mean or nasty."

Perez said his recent weight loss had made him more confident sexually--he tried Grindr, a proximity-based gay hook-up app, just this week: "I used it my first day here. And it worked! I met somebody."

Perez connected with the guy's model-like looks: "After a while we went back to my room." But they didn't go all the way: "All that we did was oral...he'd blow me and I'd blow him and then we'd blow each other." Howard laughed: "I hope you're on the pill."

You Can Buy for $50 Million

Howard asked if Perez would ever sell his blog network, but Perez balked: "I don't necessarily want to sell my site. I want to partner with someone...who will help me figure out a TV component."

Perez referenced the TMZ model as an ideal: "If I could get a TV play in addition, I'd do it for $50 million. But if there's no TV component to it, it'd have to be $100 million."

Lindsay Lohan Interview

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Asked for some juice, Perez said he'd recently been approached to speak with Lindsay Lohan about her life choices, so he had her over to his home--and told her to go away: "The number one piece of advice was, 'Shut up and go away for a long time. Like a year.' Let people miss you."

Lindsay was not receptive: "She has an excuse for everything...she just appeared very defensive and not ready."

Hilton Dirt On Hollywood


Perez also revealed that Star Trek (and Heroes) star Zachary Quinto is not only openly gay, but has a famous boyfriend: Jonathan Graff, who plays 'Jesse' on Glee.

Howard wondered what was going on with Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, so Perez dished that "working things out" wasn't working out: "Over the weekend there were movers spotted at their house."

Perez said Ashton's dalliances were doubly disturbing when details revealed that he'd refused to use a condom. Howard wondered if Perez was similarly resistant to protection, but Perez begged off: "I don't do that act that often." Howard said he understood: "You suck a lot of guys." Perez laughed: "I don't! But I want to."