Vote for David Arquette on 'Dancing with the Stars'

David Arquette called during the first hour of the show to say he was nervous about tonight's episode of 'Dancing with the Stars': "I can't sleep, quite frankly...anything I do, I do to my fullest."

Howard encouraged his listeners to vote for David after tonight's show, laughing: "It's embarrassing to me that he's so into it. But he's into it."

Howard said he was most embarrassed by David's attire: "I know you've got to wear gay outfits for that show but button your shirt up."

David laughed that was trying to pander to the show's voting block: "The audience is primarily housewives!"

Howard pushed for details from tonight's show, but David would only say he was dancing the quickstep: "You're not supposed to reveal your song."

Robin scoffed: "How gay is that?"

Tell Courtney to Stay Home

Howard asked David to bar his ex from the show's studio audience: "Tell Courteney to sit home tonight. Really. I don't care about that. People are irritated by it. I know I am."

David shrugged that he didn't care "if I get kicked off because I have support form my ex...she still loves me with all of her heart."

Howard dismissed the idea: "If she's in love with you, she'd work out the stuff and stay married to you."