Karith Foster, Former Imus Sidekick

Karith Foster stopped by to discuss her brief stint as Don Imus' post-NappyGate sidekick, telling Howard she knew she was in trouble on her first day: "There was someone who used to work with him who was visiting who said, 'Welcome to Club Hate.'"

Howard said Imus had a long history of using N-words far worse than 'nappy', an account Robin echoed: "He called me one. I chased him out of the building one day."

Karith said she'd been brought in as part of the network's effort to "diversify" the staff: "It started out amazing."

And even visited Imus' cancer ranch: "The ranch really is the most wonderful place."

But before long, Imus complained that she wasn't taking advantage of her skin color: "I was told I was too nice and I didn't make enough fun of black people."

She remembered thinking: "How is this man surrounded by all these wonderful people?"

Stereotyped 101

Karith told Howard that she was let go soon after: "Let's just say I was invited to not show up in the morning."

And now performs a "class" act called Stereotyped 101: "I definitely use some stories from my past career."

Asked what she thought of Imus's "cowboy" look, Karith laughed: "Have you ever seen a picture of a naked mole rat? Look it up on Google and picture it in a cowboy hat and boots."