Amy Schumer Is Cutting

Amy Schumer stopped by to promote her new album, 'Cutting,' and answer for her lethal Comedy Central Roast appearances. Amy said she'd heard that Steve-O took particular offense to a joke she'd made about the recent death of Ryan Dunn, his Jackass co-star but her attempts to apologize after the show were in vain--Steve-O had to run to the hospital after his final stunt, repeatedly smashing his nose into Mike Tyson's fist: "He kept running into Tyson's fist. That [fracture] was the goal. So yeah, it wasn't fun to watch. I left the stage. I was like, 'That's not--I don't need that.'"

Asked about a particularly cutting joke she'd made at the expense of fellow roaster Patrice O'Neal, Amy choked up: "I'm going to cry."

Amy explained that Patrice had had a stroke just two days ago--but she didn't regret the line: "That was a sweet, sweet joke. That joke was gold."

Amy then rattled off a few jokes she didn't get to tell, the best being targeted at TMZ's Harvey Levin: "Harvey, you've done more fudge-packing than a Keebler elf--that loves anal."

Biggest Fear

Howard asked Amy if, like Sarah Silverman, her biggest fear was stumbling over a word on-stage and ruining a joke, but Amy shook her head, deadpanning: "My biggest fear is rape."

Amy added that she was newly single: "He wasn't able to give as much as I needed, I guess. A text message once in a while."

Not that she's interested in settling down: "I already have a ring. The Nuva-ring."