Chris Cornell's Rocky Start and Explosive Finsh

Chris Cornell stopped by to promote his new album, "Songbook," and confessed that he was still amazed by Soundgarden's biggest hit, "Black Hole Sun": "I didn't think they would ever play that on the radio. I wasn't even sure, myself, what the words meant."

Chris said the song, along with 3 albums-worth of others they'd written, led to protracted financial negotiations between band members: "It started out as being a problem and then it was a problem that kept coming back because we never dealt with it really."

Howard compared Chris to Mick Jagger, who'd thanklessly minded the business side of The Rolling Stones while the rest of the band dabbled in drugs: "And then Keith writes a book and just pisses all over Mick Jagger."

Chris went one further, saying he'd been recently reminded of Creedence Clearwater Revival while mountain biking near his home: "I saw this guy jogging a couple of times and he just looked like an older, determined, slightly pissed off guy, running [alone] and I finally kind of figured out it was John Fogerty."

Black Hole Sun, Black Magic Woman

Howard noted Chris' attraction to troubled women: his first girlfriend stabbed him, 2nd girlfriend tried to kill herself (and her mom) and first wife locked up all his guitars.

Chris blamed his tendency to retreat inward when he was in a relationship: "I was alone most of the time...I sort of thought that came the territory of, like, living in Seattle because it's dark, and uh, I was kind of a drunk."

Chris also copped to an Oxycontin addiction ("I honestly didn't know up from down for a while."), saying he'd since cleaned up and married a healthy, happy woman--the love of his life.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Chris then sang a few selections from "Songbook," a covers album, including John Lennon's "Imagine" and Led Zeppelin's "Thank You."

Before leaving, he revealed that Soundgarden would soon release a new album ("We're pretty close to done with it.") and denied ever romancing--or blowing--Eddie Vedder, deadpanning: "We never got caught. And you can't prove anything."