Why Scott Salem Is Uninteresting

Early in the show, Howard noted that Scott Salem was upset with HowardTV for making him the focus of a Ronnie's Block Party special: "Scott, the only reason you're a bit interesting is because you're so not interesting."

Howard thought the HowardTV cameras couldn't help but be drawn to Scott's void: "You're standing on stage doing nothing. Nothing. You do nothing on stage."

Scott said his problem was with the special's tone: "It doesn't have to turn into 45 minutes of bashing Scott."

Howard disagreed: "Shuli goes up and does a stand-up. And it's fine. It's funny. You go up and do nothing. That's fascinating...there's no one like you--in America--who actually goes up on stage and demands to be paid [for nothing]."

Scott shrugged: "Of course I'm not fun. I'm not the life of the party, obviously."

LIke J. Lo Without Talent ... Wait ...

To echo Scott's account, Howard played a clip from the Wrap-Up Show in which Ronnie was asked if he'd had fun with Scott on their recent trip Florida--and then tripped over himself to dodge the question: "Uh, uh, he was--it was--I'm getting to sound like him--nah, it was--it was fun. I mean, he's a little--he's got--no, no, no, no! No, don't--don't put words in my mouth, dude. We had a great time."

Howard laughed that Scott was crazy: "You do nothing and you're shocked people want to talk about that...I was going to say you're like J.Lo without any talent but J.Lo doesn't have any talent."