Chyna Pimps Her First Anal Porn Film on the Stern Show

Wrestling legend also tells Howard she's still drinking, despite her recent stint on "Celebrity Rehab"

Chyna stopped by to promote her first real porn film, 'Backdoor to Chyna,' and said 'Celebrity Rehab' was a ruse--she's still drinking: "But I'm pacing myself these days."

Chyna also explained that she'd paid over $10K--and represented herself in the effort--to get her wrestling moniker back. Vince McMahon eventually relented ("So it made me feel wonderful.") but denied her efforts to return to the ring: "I got a letter back and he said he was not interested at the time."

Howard asked if Chyna really performed anal in her new porno, and Chyna nodded: "I did. You know, it's like, 'I get kicked in the ass, what's [a dick] going to do?'"

Chyna said she'd prepared for days ("I fasted for a week. I did colonics. I was petrified.") and was glad she did--her on-screen partner's massive penis felt "like a tree trunk back there."