Sharon Osbourne's Loose Lips

Howard then turned to Sharon and dismissed her lax judging on "America's Got Talent"--like her ineffably positive reactions to any and all gay contestants: "To like someone because they're gay is ridiculous."

Sharon insisted all the gay contestants were "courageous", but Howard just laughed, saying he'd clean up her act if he were to take Piers Morgan's old seat: "You and Howie will learn how to behave. And we'll structure that show differently."

Asked about the frequent, week-long breaks she takes from "The Talk," Sharon said she used them for cosmetic surgery: "Because I needed to have my titties done and I needed to have sex with my husband...Julie's going to let me have some more time off for the chin. It's got to go."

Robin didn't think Sharon needed any more work--and congratulated each of the women for surviving LA without collagen-injected lips. Sharon laughed: "We don't need duck lips. We've got them down there."

You Can't Talk Like That

Howard wondered why the show had recently dropped audio on a lengthy portion of dialogue, so Sharon explained that it was too hot for daytime network TV: "[Someone] said she had sex and got an itchy can't say you get it up the ass at one o'clock on CBS."

Speaking of CBS, Howard turned to Julie and asked if her husband, CBS President Les Moonves, had made her sign a pre-nup. Julie said she'd signed a very generous one.