Stern Staff: On the Road with Shuli & Beet

Beet said he enjoyed going on the road with Shuli: "Me and Jew-li doing something right now. Yeah. He's Jewish. So am I."

Howard wondered how Beet became Jewish, so Beet shrugged: "Because I have friends."

Shuli came in to say travelling with Beet was always an adventure: "He [once] came back to the room, Howard, with a plastic shopping bag with ice at the bottom and a fish on the ice. It looked like he'd grabbed it out of the ocean."

When Shuli told Beet to put down the fish, Beet agreed, but said he had to change his underwear. Shuli had asked why, so Beet told him, "I shit myself. I knew I was going to do it and I did it."

Another time, Shuli left Beet with a gig's promoter--only to be woken a few hours later: "The promoter comes to my room in a panic like, 'We lost Beetle.' And when we found him, he was tattooed."