Chuck Zito Was At a 'Bikini Bar'

Chuck Zito stopped by to catch up with Howard--and Robin immediately pointed out his bloody knuckles. Chuck joked: "I was minding my own business coming up here, [and] a guy hit right in my hand with his face. Couldn't believe it."

After he confessed it was really the result of a little early-morning bag work, Chuck said he was out late at a new Brooklyn joint called Jaguars 3--which is *not* a strip club: "It's more of a bikini bar. It's a restaurant, a bar, and a cabaret."

Chuck said he went home with a woman he met later on at Brooklyn restaurant but didn't bang her: "She was small, like Pamela [Anderson], man. Small waist, big tits...[but] the first night you can't just jump right into it. You got to wait until the next night."

So he had nothing to show for his night out but her phone number and a parking ticket.


Chuck told Howard about the time he'd been on a date at Nello's in NYC--and made a winking connection with a girl at another table: "So I said, let me go downstairs, see if she thing you know, like three minutes later, she came down."

The pair quickly established that they were both on first dates and had no commitments: "I closed the door and just bent her over the sink and that was it. Bam, bam, bam."