The Rider Falls

December 8, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

John also wasn’t sure if–as Eric requested–the set would be near an Arbys or McDonalds: “We don’t know where the particular location will be…but this is New Mexico, not Somalia. Chances are there will be a McDonalds or an Arbys somewhere.”

Eric tossed out the demand, as well as his request that, in case his role recurs, the show relocate to San Francisco–Eric claimed those items were written into his rider by Johnny Fratto, his manager, with only passive consent. John continued to deny Eric’s more ridiculous demands, like a “co-star solo card” during the show’s opening credits, explaining that the show doesn’t even grant that billing to its Emmy-winning guest-stars: “We will try–try–to give you some sort of front credit. But a solo credit is unlikely.”

John added that there were no five-star hotels, like a Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton, in Albequerque, but there is a Hyatt Regency downtown.

But Hey, Free Pepsi

Howard asked if Eric’s would be granted a limousine, and John answered flatly: “No.”

John also refused Eric’s input when it comes to the script, storyline and his blocking. But John was willing to provide Eric with another of his requests: four 20oz Pepsi-Colas. Even better, John said the show had no surprise plans to blow up Eric’s character: “Currently that’s not part of the storyline.”