Bill Murray on 'Ghostbusters 3,' the Oscars, and His Sweet Life

Howard also asked why Bill continued to be the lone holdout for 'Ghostbusters 3,' so Bill explained: "I guess I'm the problem. Before I was an asset. Now I'm a problem."

Bill said he had the script somewhere ("I haven't read it yet.") and liked his 'Ghostbusters' co-stars ("We really are funny together.") but hadn't taken the time to consider the project: "It's not the foremost thing in my mind right now so I don't think about it."

Asked about losing the Oscar for Best Actor to Sean Penn, Bill said an Oscar nomination was a 6-month sickness: "It's almost like getting a small virus for a while. Because you get a real kind of weird inflated sense of yourself...I had a condition I didn't even know's sort of an infection to be nominated for an Oscar. I mean, it's an honor and everything, but you can--it's sort of--it's real subtle. Kind of like ego poisoning."

When Howard asked if he was a rich man, Bill shrugged: "I never really had a crappy deal in the movies unless, you know, when you work with a friend."

Bill said he's also done well by investing in minor league baseball teams: "The baseball business is a good business, Howard."

Beyond enjoying his wealth, he likes to golf or amuse himself and others with impromptu--and often uninvited--appearances at bars and parties: "As long as you bring long as you behave well and are willing to, you know, dance, people are OK with you at the party."