Jessica Hahn Is Trim and Sober

Jessica Hahn stopped by to catch up with the crew and show off her hot new body: "I just lost like 40 pounds."

Howard asked what had happened to Jessica after the last time they spoke--shortly after the death of 'Married With Children' producer Ron Leavitt, her long-time partner--so Jessica said Ron's death sent her into a downward spiral: "I laid in bed for three years. I was embarrassed because I was gaining weight."

Jessica explained that Ron's children immediately turned on her after his death, telling her she had to survive for 60 days before she'd inherit what he had left her: "The very next day, the kids turned off my heat, my electricity, my phones..."

Somehow, Ron's ex-wife even managed to keep Jessica from mourning with the family: "I was prohibited by his [ex-]wife from his funeral."

JESSICA HAHN IS CLEAN & SOBERPhoto: The Howard Stern Show

Jessica said she coped with a drawer full of drugs ("What Artie did, not only did I understand it but I superseded it...I smoked heroin. It's great. But do not do it.") and eventually found her way to rehab--at the same facility featured on Dr. Drew's 'Celebrity Rehab': "Unbelievable who was in there. I can't name them but...I mean A[-list] celebrities."